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About ACLC

Anti Car Lifting Cell, being an important establishment of the Karachi Police has come a long way in becoming a specialized investigative unit dealing with vehicle theft / snatching.

Vehicle lifting is a serious crime which continues to haunt the citizens of Karachi. We are striving to reduce and eliminate this crime to an extent where driving on the streets of Karachi would become “safe”.

Aims and Objectives

  •  Arrest & Interrogation of criminals involved in the crime of vehicle lifting.
  • Detection / Investigation of the cases of vehicle lifting, detect by ACLC.
  • Collection of intelligence.
  • Recovery of stolen / snatched vehicles.
  • Maintenance of databases of snatched & stolen vehicles and Criminals.
  • Monitoring & Analysis of vehicle lifting by studying the trends /modus operandi.
  • Co-ordination with police of other districts, regions & provinces.
  • Co-ordination with stake holders like Banks, Insurance Companies, CNG Conversion Centers and Tracker Companies.
  • Issuance of NOC to the vehicle owners for transportation of vehicles out of Karachi and keeping its record.
  • Training of staff.


Structure of ACLC

ACLC Organogramme (click here)

A Review and Assessment

In order to get a clear picture of the state of affairs regarding vehicular crime in Karachi, a statistical analysis is necessary. This crime analysis is carried out, mainly focusing upon the reported crime in this particular head of vehicle snatchings and vehicle theft.

This statistical / graphical analysis is carried out by accumulating the figures of the last ten years in order for us to see the rise and fall in vehicular crime in Karachi. This analysis is categorized in two broad areas.

  • Vehicles snatched and stolen
  • Vehicles recovered

10 Years Graphical Comparison of Snatched/Stolen and Recovered Vehicles

Anti Car Lifting Cell, Anti Violent Crime Cell is established under the Administration control of DIGP CIA Karachi.

Address: Adjacent Artillery Maidan Police Station District South Karachi.
Phone: 92-21-99205654

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